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The University of Washington Bothell Association for Computing Machinery Chapter is the largest STEM-oriented student organization on the UWB campus. Last year, we hosted over 30 events (including a 100+ person Hackathon) and have contributed to multiple university projects such as the redesigning of the Computer Science Labs. Our primary mission is to prepare students both educationally and professionally for their transition into the tech industry.

This year our goal is to continue to grow by hosting over 75 events and directly connecting students with you, their future employers. We hope to establish relationships between your company and our most ambitious students.

For more information about our organization email us at:
[email protected]

What the UWB ACM Needs

With the chapter’s growth, we are seeking additional financial support from companies.

You can help fuel the next generation of technology leaders through financial contributions and mentorship. To understand how this relationship can benefit both our students and your organization, please continue

How to Sponsor

Please contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in sponsoring UWB ACM.

Types of Sponsorships

This section describes the different levels of sponsorship your company can give and their associated benefits.

Our team has carefully selected each sponsorship tier to accurately represent what we need to accomplish for our goals. However, we will be happy to work with you to build a package tailored for your organization. To get started please email us at: [email protected]

Signature Event Sponsorship: Hackathon

Become part of our Spring Annual Hackathon, a 14+ hour event where students can demonstrate their talent and creativity by developing impressive projects in one day. Last year, we saw over 100 students and 20 volunteers participate. These students learned how to leverage open source tools and online APIs to collaborate on innovative projects.

By sponsoring UWB ACM’s signature event, your company will have the ability to interact directly with students.

View last year's hackathon: uwbhacks.com

Sponsor Tiers

Copper $500
Bronze $1,000
Silver $2,500
Gold $5,000
Recruiting Material Distribution Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Access to Resumes Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Send Recruiters Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Table at Workshop Half Full 2-Full
Swag Handouts Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Logo on Website Small Small Medium Large
Logo on T-Shirt Small Medium Large
Logo on Advertisement Medium Large
Host a Meal 1 Meal 2 Meals
Speak at Ceremony Check Mark
Provide Prizes Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Provide Mentor Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Provide Judge Check Mark Check Mark

Event Sponsorships

UWB ACM offers workshops on a variety of topics. Contributing to one of these workshops is a great way to connect with students that are passionate in a specific area. Your support can also foster future interest in this topic across the University.

Benefits for event sponsorships vary on a case-by-case basis depending on the style of the event. In general, they will consist of:

  • Logo placement on all event advertisements
  • Providing input on workshop curriculum
  • Bringing in a guest lecturer
  • Additional custom benefits

The following is carefully selected list of our events that best suit an event sponsorship.

Cracking the Coding Interview Workshops $1,800

Our Weekly CTCI Workshop is a collaboration between students to help them prepare for technical questions in a mock interview fashion. It is a great channel to way with students keen on getting a job or internship.

Internet of Things Workshops $1,200

The Weekly CTCI Workshop is an opportunity for students to collaborate with one another to solve technical questions in a mock interview fashion. Students can use this opportunity to prepare for their upcoming technical interviews.

Seed Sponsorships

This year ACM is hosting over 75 events and although our team has made extensive plans for this year, there is still much that we would like to do. By becoming a Seed Sponsor, you are helping our organization grow in new and exciting ways.

Sponsor Tiers

Starter $500
Sapling $1,000
Tree $3,000
Oak $7,000
Logo on Website Small Small Medium Large
Bring in a Guest Speaker Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Distribution of Recruiting Material Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Consultation for Future Events Check Mark Check Mark
Logo on Event Posters Check Mark
Hackathon Gold Sponsorship Check Mark