What is ACM?

ACM is the largest international computing organization. Well established in the tech industry, it provides its members with diverse learning opportunities.


The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Chapter at UW Bothell was first founded in 1997, and through each iteration, it has implemented great changes and improvements. The current chapter was re-established in Fall 2017, facilitating collaboration among students with a focus on fostering professional and educational development in the field of computer science.

Executive Team 2020 - 2021

Ryan Russell


Angela Ferro Capera

Vice President

Cameron Ufland


Anish Prasad

Chief Technology Officer

Taylor Eyler

Chief Technology Officer

Anna Jennings

Marketing Coordinator

Shane Clark


Erica Ferguson

Funds Coordinator

16+ Other Amazing Officers

Join the ACM

Would you like to become an officer at UWB ACM? We would love to learn about your ideas and fresh perspectives. We hire new officers at the end of Fall and Winter quarter. Applications typically open within the last 4-5 weeks of the quarter.
Note that all Officer positions are unpaid and volunteer.

Hiring Closed Until Fall 2021