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The Association for Computing Machinery club at UW Bothell helps students with preparing for interviews, learning about computer science, and finding jobs.

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Our mission

The mission of our student chapter is to promote the advancement of technological awareness and provide educational opportunities for students of the University of Washington, Bothell campus.


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  • Saam Amiri's Avatar

    Saam Amiri


    Saam is a Junior at University of Washington Bothell in the CSSE program. He also enjoys soccer and networking

  • Annie J Kehn's Avatar

    Annie J Kehn


    Annie is finishing up her Junior year in CSSE at UWB. Her passions include video games, art and design, and animals.

  • Kash Goudarzi's Avatar

    Kash Goudarzi

    Director of Technology

    Kash is a Junior studying computer science at UW Bothell. He is an officer for ACM and Gray Hats and is also the co-founder of wesaturate.com.

  • Gahl Goziker's Avatar

    Gahl Goziker


    Gahl is a Senior in the CSSE program at UWB. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball and skiing.

  • Michael Vaschillo's Avatar

    Michael Vaschillo


    Michael is a Junior studying Computer Science and Software Engineering.

  • Brady Pascoe's Avatar

    Brady Pascoe

    Director of External Relations

    Brady is currently in his junior year at UW-Bothell in the CSSE program. Brady also works as a part-time programming tutor at Cascadia College.

  • Thomas Kercheval's Avatar

    Thomas Kercheval


    Thomas Kercheval is a student at the University of Washington Bothell in Computer Science and Software Engineering. Thomas’ interests include mathematics, software engineering, systems engineering, systems science, and music.

  • Sneha Ravichadran's Avatar

    Sneha Ravichadran


    Sneha is a sophomore CSSE sudent at UWB. She is passionate about AI and machine learning and interested in doing research around those topics in the future. She is also Vice-President of Bothell Women in Science and Engineering (BWiSE) and Marketing Chair for Her Campus UWB. In her free time she enjoys drawing, painting, and playing water polo.

  • Fahad Alshehri's Avatar

    Fahad Alshehri


    Fahad is a Senior studying CSSE. He is interested in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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