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Our Mission

UW Bothell ACM's mission is to promote the advancement of technological awareness and provide educational opportunities for students of the University of Washington, Bothell campus.

Our Mission


ACM Professional Development Series

10/9, 10/11
6:00PM - 8:00PM

Land your dream tech job through our 2 hands-on ProDev workshops.

  • Day 1: Resume and Behavioral Interview Best Practices (10/09)
  • Day 2: GitHub and LinkedIn Optimization (10/11)

Please bring a digital copy of your resume and laptop.

Weekly IOT Crash Course

Every Friday
1:30PM - 3:30PM

Come and get physical with embedded systems and gain the insight on how to use them for personal projects through practical application.

Weekly Cracking the Coding Interview

Every Friday
11:00AM - 1:00PM

The Weekly CTCI is an opportunity to collaborate with fellow students in thinking about and solving common algorithm questions given in technical interviews.

Finals Study Session

Come and join fellow CS students and ACM to study for finals. Food and refreshments will be provided.


Saam's Avatar

Saam Amiri


Saam is a Senior studying Computer Science and Software Engineering. He enjoys networking, motivating others and solving complex problems that scale.

Annie's Avatar

Annie J Kehn

Vice Chair

Annie is a Senior studying Computer Science and Software Engineering. She is looking forward to starting her career and wants to help her fellow CS students grow while in school.

Michael's Avatar

Michael Vaschillo


Michael is a Senior studying Computer Science and Software Engineering. He is excited to help engage students and reshape the CSS department to better prepare students for industry.

Sneha's Avatar

Sneha Ravichadran


Sneha is a Junior studying Computer Science and Software Engineering. She is passionate about AI and Machine Learning and wants to work towards helping others with her coding skills.

Kash's Avatar

Kash Goudarzi

Director of Technology

Kash is a senior studying computer science at UW Bothell. He handles all of the technical stuff for UWB ACM. He is also the creator of newgrad.io

Gahl's Avatar

Gahl Goziker


Gahl is a Senior in the CSSE program at UWB. In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball and skiing.

Thomas's Avatar

Thomas Kercheval


Thomas is a Senior studying Computer Science and Software Engineering. His interests include mathematics, software engineering, systems engineering, systems science, and music.

Danielle's Avatar

Danielle Speroni

Affiliate Officer

Danielle is a Junior at UWB studying math. She is skilled in graphic design and works on anything design-delated for UWB ACM.

Brady's Avatar

Brady Pascoe

Affiliate Officer

Brady is currently a student at UW-Bothell in the CSSE program. He also works as a part-time programming tutor at Cascadia College.

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